Born 1998, 171 cm, chestnut.

Okeanos was approved in Sweden 2005 and in Oldenburg, Germany 2003.

Okeanos is longlegged and very elegant. He did 70-days test 2003 and was approved in Oldenburg thanks to his good results. He got high scores for his gaits and ridability and even higher for his jumping capacity. Okeanos pedigree is almost identical to Briar´s as their mothers are full sisters.

Since Okeanos came back to Sweden Jan Brink has been educating and competing him. 2007 started with their debut in Intermediaire I and the season ended up with a win on that level. The international debut took place in Neumünster, Germany in 2008, where they placed number three in S:t Georges and five in Intermediaire I among very qualified riders and horses.

Okeanos did his first SB:1 (short version of Grand Prix) also 2008 and in 2009 he won four times in SB:1 and was second in Intermediaire II. Jan and Okeanos placed in all starts in 2010 and did their first Grand Prix where they were second best. They also placed on top during 2011 and 2012.

During 2012 Okeanos came to a Danish young rider named Anna Zibrandtzen. She won her first start on Okeanos in August together with Okeanos.

Okeanos will be available on frozen semen this year. Please contact us when interested.


 Magini 695 Maraton 600 Utrillo 432
Fairy 9175 (51)
Gabinette 13129 Ganesco 503
Gakenda IV 5889 (F.4)
Garbo 27223 (F.2) Krocket 651 Kaliber 574
Skyfire 7761 (46)e. Toddhurst XX
Mickaela 13537 (F.2) Illum 527
Medea 9648 (F.2)e. Gaspari 340

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