For sale

Here we present some of all our horses we have for sale. If you have specific desires please let us know to see if we might match your expectations. There are constantly around 35 horses in work in both jumping and dressage. We have contacts that may have something suitable if you don´t find someone here. We have everything in age from foal and up in age and education.

All horses are regularly dewormed, vaccinated and seen by the farrier. They are regularly freejumped during wintertime and we brake them at 3-4 years old. The horses get a varity of work to keep them sound and happy.

Experienced Schoolmaster

Super kind and uncomplicated horse by Magini – Krocket, 17 years old and around 167 cm. The perfect schoolmaster and companion for anyone interestested in participating in the “Small tour”. He has experiences up to Intermediaire I and participated in the Swedish Championship for young riders this autumn. He is very alert and happy and has always been healthy. Price and filmclip on request.

Gelding by Okeanos – Ceylon, 8 years old, around 169 cm Sold

Kind and uncomplicated for anyone interested in dressage. Comfortable to sit on with good gaits trained up to M-class. By interest he happily jumps one or another fence. Easy to shoe, clip and load.

Gelding by Magini – Champion du Lys, 10 years old, around 160 cm

Big horse in small package. Easy to ride on fences with, clear round up to 120 with capacity for more. Easy to shoe, clip and load. Confident and safe to ride out on.

Film clip here

Mare by Magini – Krocket, 10 years, 166 cm Sold

Easy to ride with nice comfort in her gaits and with good energy. She is easy to jump with even for an amateur. Competed up to 120 cm. Nice to ride and uncomplicated to handle when it comes to for instance clip, shoe and load.

Gelding by Okeanos – Ceylon, 9 years, 166 cm Sold

Nice allround horse educated to M-class dressage with schoolings and flying changes. He also likes to jump in between. His gaits make him easy to sit on and he is light to the aids with good own energi.

Gelding by Okeanos – Ceylon, born 2004 Sold

This is a eight year old gelding by Okeanos. He is confirmed in his movements through third level, including flying changes. Very nice gaits with lots of suspension and swing. Extremely elegant horse. Okeanos-Ceylon-Cecil-Cosmos**. You´ll find the Ceylon blood behind “Kyra Kyrklund´s” Master as well.

Gelding by Belissimo – Magini, born 2006 Sold

This gelding is a very sweet and capable horse by Belissimo. His Dam’s full sister produced the famous stallion, Briar. He is curently schooling third level, he has three wonderful gaits, very elastic and supple horse. He is ridden outside on a regular basis and never reacts in a negative way, not spooky at all. He has the temperament of a well seasoned horse, even though he is only five. He would be a great candidate for the FEI young horse classes. His Temperament and ridability make him suitable for any rider.

Gelding by Briar – Shogun, born 2004 Sold

He is an eight years old gelding by Briar – Shogun, schooling third level. He is extremely kind and uncomplicated to ride. He is a full brother to the Grand Prix stallion Meges. He also has a full brother i the USA who also is an approved stallion, Isos.

Gelding by Flemmingh – Magini, born 2004 Sold

Kind and uncomplicated boy, well prepared to go on with educating and competing. He has three good gaits, extra for the counter och he likes to jump, has done some jump tracks. He is very light to ride, energetic and willing. We broke him when he was 4 years.

Flemmingh is looked on as one of the best dressagesire in the world. He produced among others Lingh (rider Edward Gal) and Crack C (rider Anky van Grunsven). In his pedigree there are jumpingstallions such as Landgraf, Ladykiller and Cor de la Bryere.

Magini is found on the motherline and he has given several S-level horses in both jumping and dressage, for instance Briar and Magritte. Magini himself did S-level jumping with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson.