About Dalhem Farms

We mainly do two things, farming and horsebreeding. This has been done in generations here at Dalhem Farms.

We are central located, about 25 minutes from Copenhagen (Kastrup airport). It takes 15 minutes to Trelleborg and from there you reach Germany by boat. With airplane it takes about 1 hour between Stockholm and Malmö (Sturup airport) and from Malmö another 20 minutes to our farm by car.


Breeding is a work that takes time, it demands patiens, endurance and own ideas. Our goal when breeding is a complete horse, we breed on gaits, jumping capacity and good type. Ridability is basic and the horses must be mentally balanced and nice to work with.


Our mares and youngsters spend spring- and summertime out in hilly pastures in bigger groups. This produces strong and mentally healthy individs which is needed as preparation for the work waiting for the horses as they reach the age of 3-4 years.


The younger horses and sometimes also the older ones, are frequently freejumping during the winterseason. That gives a good oppinion about their minds, jumping technics and attitude and you also get a good view of the horses way of moving.

We normally break the horses ourselves at the age of 3-4 years. To keep them physically sound and happy we alter the work between groundwork, outdoor rides and jumping. We also cooperate with other riders to educate and compete the horses both in jumping and dressage.


When we choose stallions to our mares, we want them to come as close to our breeding goals as possible. As said before, the stallion must have good ridability and be mentally stabile, we want him to move and jump well and represent a good exterior. We select our own stallions the same way. All our appoved stallions that we offer your mares possess these properties.

Quality over time

Quality is fresh, what you mean with quality alters over time. Requirements increases all the time and the ideals change. We aim for horses requested by modern riders and horses that we ourselves think are nice to ride and spend time with. We love our horses and hope you´ll do the same.


Swedish Warmblood Gate

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Jill Flygare

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Briar and Jan doing a clinic

Okeanos at the stallionshow in Vechta, Germany

Diomedes at the stallionshow in Vechta, Germany

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Eris by Champion du Lys 1.25 in Falsterbo

Eris by Champion du Lys in the final of the “Tour of Amateurs” in Falsterbo

Piaff by Gaspari in Vienna 1972, they took gold in the Olympic Games 1972.